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61009 Catalook Skinning Service
No warranty for the accuracy of product image or description.
Item Number 61009
Price $199.00
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Catalook Skin Customization (Catalook Skin only)



1.Debug catalook product list page and catalook product detail page simply.
2.This service includes changing catalook button styles.
3.So it doesn't include changing catalook default layout and structure.

Advanced:$299  (Catalook Skin & DNNskin)

1.This service includes DNN regular skin design and converting design to DNN skins.
2.It also includes  catalook skin design and converting design to catalook skins. 

3.It includes doing some complicated debuging job on catalook product list page and product detail page.
4. It covers the job of designing and debuging menu style.
5. It covers the job of configuring and debuging options in catalook.
6. This service also includes designing catalook buttons.

Note: Catalook skin design and skinning job doesn't include DNN regular skins. Catalook skin is different from DNN regular skin. Catalook skin is the template of catalook module.

Display of catalook skins:

--Product list page


--Product detail page



--Catalook button styles


Our design:

If you need more and special design, please contact us.

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