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DNNCow Responsive_Hotel Skin 002_Anything Slider Module W3C/DIV/ DNN6 &7
No warranty for the accuracy of product image or description.
Size 1.6MB
Price $59.99

Slider Banner which uses current popular DNN module.Make your site more fashion and more charming.
Plenty of panes cover all your needs. Homepage and Innerpage included.
Compatible with DNN 6.x and DNN 7.x . Guaranteed to work with future versions as well.
Includes 4 elegant slider style and you can change the style whatever you like.
Compatible with the W3C XHTML/CSS standards which help your site SEO friendly.
Adapt to any device(desktop/tablet/mobile) displayed on.
800+pxextendedHorizontal menu
Hotel, Studio,Restaurant
light amber DNN5.x 6.x W3C DIV
Slider Banner Module Easy Control
Responsive Skin: $59.99
Custom Color: $89.99
Custom Responsive Skin: $149.99
{JD Menu}
which is packed together with it FOR FREE. SEO Friendly& W3C Compatible.
{Skin Control Pane}

you can change the width of skin,
font size and add some custom CSS code
which is packed together with it FOR FREE.


{Anything Slider}

you can change the Banner images whatever
you like, which is packed together with it FOR FREE.