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80077 JD Menu W3C Skin Object 03.05.00
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JD Menu W3C Skin Object (Multi-Lanaguage Support with auto translation)

A new JQuery based on Menu which can replace current Solpart or NAV menu. It is based on CSS, and SEO friendly. Use it in your skin, it will allow your skin pass w3c validation, while NAV or Solpart menu can not pass W3C valiadation.

  • Multi-Language Localization Support
  • Menu will be auto translate
  • Allow manual to update the Translated text
  • Allow turn on/off page for specific Language
  • Property MainArrow to set main menu arrow if there is submenu
  • Property SubArrow to set sub menu arrow if there is third level menu
  • Fix confict with mootools based module
  • JQuery based
  • Define Main menu background
  • CSS for Main menu tab background, font, color etc.
  • CSS for active main tab
  • CSS for active main tab hover
  • CSS for sub menu background
  • CSS for sub menu tab
  • CSS for sub menu hover


  (Demo : See our alldnnskins home page site using it in live) 

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