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63009 New Service For Adding Content
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Price $10.00
Outsourcing Services
Do you have only some basic information for your site? But you still need your site to have a pretty layout and powerful functionality? Do you need to convert your other sites into DNN sites? If so, we're glad to tell you that we can supply this service to you.Our rate is only $10/h.
Once you installed skin and needed modules on your site, we can map out a strategy to achieve them firstly. After that, we can add contents and configure the third party modules on your site when we get all needed info from you. We will present a good and attractive site for you.
Normally, our rate for adding some static pages is only $7/hour. And our rate for configuring complex third party module such as catalook and smith shopping cart is $20/hour. Since you need us to do the entire content management work such as adding static pages and configuring third party modules, we can give you an average rate $10/hour. It's really cost-effective and reasonable price for you. As we're not just to copy and paste content simply, we also need to supply a good strategy for your entire site.
If you need our help, free feel to contact us. We're willing to supply you our service.
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