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61013 Skin Customization
No warranty for the accuracy of product image or description.
Item Number 61013
Price $149.00
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W3C/DIV Skin Option


Please download the" Request Form" after you purchase DIV Single Customization Skin Design. Fill in and send it back to us by either submitting ticket at our online support system
or mailing to

Thank you.



We also convert the designs provided by you (in PSD) to XHTML & HTMLdriven table-less skins, themes & templates for the major CMSes & blogging platforms such as Wordpress, Blogger, Joomla, phpBB, Magento, etc, You just need to provide us the design of your website.

  1. W3C Standards 100% Xhtml Skin
  2. Get JD Menu (CSS Menu) for free
  3. Compatible with DNN4.x, DNN5.x, DNN6.x
  4. Convert PSD, PNG, AI into DNN Skins
  5. Convert HTML, PHP, Joomla website graphics and layout into Dotnetnuke skins
  6. Convert Template Monster or any templates into DNN skins
  7. Modify our skins with color, graphics, font, pane etc. (price include original skins)

Type Price Pane Layout Containers

Content on Demo

(only "Text/HTML" &
"Links" modules)

Skin - A $149 1 pane structures with same outside design Up to 3 free containers 1 Page
Skin - B $199 2 pane structures with same outside design Up to 4 free containers 2 Pages
Skin - C $249 2 pane structures with 2 outside design Up to 5 free containers 3 Pages

Procedures Processing Time Mutli Purchase Credit
    1. Purchase this service
    2. Goto
    3. Submit a ticket
    4. Add a message include your requirements specifications, add your logos, graphics etc.
    5. Communicate with us using the online support system
    6. Download the product and sources from the online support system
    1. Submit your requirements and attachments by 6PM US Central Time in our Online Ticket system, you should get it by next morning 10AM US CT.
    2. Using other methods like Emails may delay your orders. Request submit by Friday will be ready by Monday.
    3. Rush service is available for $100, and normally can be done within 4 hours even on weekend. Contact us first at or 713-589-5808 before you place a rush order.
    1. You can purchase multiple services at a discounted price
    2. You can use the service credit within 2 years of purchase date
    3. 15% off if you are our Skins Member, Modules Member or Packs Member
    4. 25% off if you are our VIP Member