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 80028 Time Redirect  Product Information
A module let you control where to redirect your site visitor based on the time they visit your page. You can image your own usage of this module. More Info
Item Number 80028
SKU/EAN 80028
Price $20.00
 80026 Country Redirect  Product Information
A module let you control where to redirect your site visitor based on their IP's Country. With this module, you can block some visitors from some countries or re-direct to different server or pages. More Info
Item Number 80026
SKU/EAN 80026
Price $39.00
 80022 MiniClip Games  Product Information
Add one of the 40+ flash games to your website in a minute. Version 1.00.00 Features: Get all 40+ flash games automatcially Option to manual add/modify/delete games Set the game width/height More Info
Item Number 80022
SKU/EAN 80022
Price $29.00
 80020 Reseller Module  Product Information
More Info
Item Number 80020
SKU/EAN 80020
Price $50.00
 80016 Admin Pages  Product Information
Have you created a page called “DoNotDelete“ or “Admin Function“ and do not know where to put the page? Now AllDnnSkins 80016 Admin Page module is the solution. Our module allow you to move any Page under “Admin“. More Info
Item Number 80016
SKU/EAN 80016
Price $25.00
 80015 Combo Login  Product Information
AllDnnSkins 80015 Combo Login is a simple solution for many websites wants to collect payment for different level of membership. In additional, it provide combine register and login into one module, which makes the interface more user friendly compare to standard DNN register/login processing. More Info
Item Number 80015
SKU/EAN 80015
Price $99.00
 80013 MSN Online Live Chat  Product Information
Let your site visitor talk to your MSN Chat in 5 minitues. Good for Help Desk support, increase Sales. Support Multi-Language and Backup Operator More Info
Item Number 80013
SKU/EAN 80013
Price $30.00
 80012 Page Option and Social Bookmark  Product Information
AllDnnSkins Page Option and Page Link module with Build-in Social Bookmarking Support More Info
Item Number 80012
SKU/EAN 80012
Price $30.00
 80006 Skin Reset Module  Product Information
More Info
Item Number 80006
SKU/EAN 80006
Price $30.00
 80005 Advertisement Module  Product Information
We recommend our 80005 Advertisement module for you as it is a specialized tool for you display your advertisements. Easy to configure, with 25+ effects, compatible with all mainstream browsers, supports lower and high DNN version. More Info
Item Number 80005
SKU/EAN 80005
Price $20.00
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