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80025 Mini Login SkinObject
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Mini Login SkinObject

Replace current Register, Login and Account Login Module, Save Space and make it easier for your site members. (Please be aware: we find some other vendors copied our idea and sell similar product for cheap. AllDNN Skins or Modules is the only official seller for Mini-Login skinobject, we've 50+ skins using the Mini-Login skinobject, and it is only work on our Mini-Login skinobject. We will continue enhance our product and we offer free lifetime upgrade and free support for our skins and modules)

(Demo1: New W3C_JDmenu Skin using Mini-Login with Role Redirection and auto Login)

(Demo 2: See our skinsstore site using it in live)

Version 2.01.02 Features:

  • Compatible with DNN higher version

Version 2.01.00 Features:

    • Fixed the minor error when click "Register link" on DNN5.4.
    • It supports 5.4.x now.



Version 2.00.05 Features:

  • Fixed minor error when click “Enter“, form not submitted

Version 2.00.04 Features:

  • Add Support for Registration require verification
  • Add Support for Login require valid profile
  • Add Checking for too many retires

Version 2.00.02 Features:

  • Compatible with DNN 5, DNN 4

Version 2.00.00 Features (Next Level of Mini-Login):

  • Support Self-defined Template, make your own mini-login styles anyway you want; Tokens support in the template:
  • Add support for Forget Password
  • Support Role Redirect after login (need use together with 80015 Combo Login module)
  • Compatible with previous Skin using Mini-Login 1.xx.xx

Version 1.00.07 Features:

  • Enhanced error message display for Wrong username/password

Version 1.00.06 Features:

  • Auto Login (save username and password)
  • Option to show auto login or not in SKIN.XML

Version 1.00.05 Features:

  • Redirect based on user Role
  • Role Settings can be managed using 80015 Combo Login Module
  • Additonal CSS setting for login user

Version 1.00.04 Features:

  • Redirect to Custom Registration page if set in Site Settings
  • Free Mini-Blue Skin

Version 1.00.02 Features:

  • Fix minor error on sub-portal logout
  • Fix minor error sometimes missing text

Version 1.00.00 Features:

  • Mini-Login is a new skin object for DNN that can replace the standard [User] and [Login] skin object.
  • Save space, easy style controled by CSS
  • Login on the home page without goto a seperate login page

Screen Shot

Version 2.0 Sample Styles

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Bonus 6 Color Skins Pack using Mini Login


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