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80097 News Article Import-Export
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Product Description

This module is an additional module for the 80017 New Transfer (there is a problem when the export data is too large), and we have tested it with 30MB data import-export.

Features Highlight


  • Cross module function
    XML exported from other modules can be imported to News Article.
  • Cross website function
    Articles from high version website can import to low level version website, and vice versa.
  • Compatibility
    Support all DNN versions.
  • Synchrony Update
    We’ll update our module with News Article, Announcement, and Blog. Save your article forever
  • Export quickly on a large scale
    We have tested with 30MB file import-export successfully.
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New Feature in Version 1.0.1

  • Updated some functional bug

New Feature in Version 1.0.0

  • Support DNN5.6.2 and it is compatible with News Article, Announcement, and Blog.
  • We designed a new port for that module, and we’ll consider making it support other kinds of article modules.

Module installation and configuration

Please make sure you have installed and used the News Article module on your website already. If you have installed Blog and Announcement module, you’ll see page below when you install our module.

Input a name into the File Name field, and it will be the name of export xml. Authors, Blog Users are the ones who publish that blog. Created By User (All) is corresponding to the user author who publish that article.

If there are many authors, it will list them in horizontal or vertical way. When you export, you can choose whether to export all or some certain ones.
News Article Import:

Upload file size settings:


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