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80068 DNN Invoice module
No warranty for the accuracy of product image or description.
Size 1.23MB
Price $49.98

These are the key features:

  • Create Professional Invoice quickly and easily
  • Integrated to DNN Users and Roles
  • Assign Role to your company accountant
  • Assign Role to your clients
  • Create new client within the module
  • Create Printable PDF or HTML invoice
  • Use your own Company Logo
  • Add unlimited invoices
  • Email the invoice to your clients anytime
  • Allow a custom Note for each invoice
  • Setup your company information with fixed Tax Rate
  • Option to have Tax, Shipping and Miscellaneous
  • Intergrated with AllDNN Payment Gateway (an expandable payment gateway module)
  • Payment Gateway "Paypal" included
  • Payment Gateway "Bank Transfer" included
  • Subtotal, Totals calculate instantly without refreshing the page

Screen Shots

  1. Accountant View
  2. Invoice Settings
  3. Add New Client
  4. Manage Clients
  5. Create New Invoice
  6. Clients View
  7. Client Invoice Detail
  8. Payment Selection Screen
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