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80074 Online Alarm Clock with Free trial
No warranty for the accuracy of product image or description.
Size 1.59MB
Price $20.00


  • Alarm up for 24 hours
  • Quick alarm in 5, 10, 15 minutes
  • Ajust your clock for +1, +10, -1, -10 minutes
  • Choice of Sound or Popup alert
  • 4 types of Pre-defined sounds
  • Transparent color background
  • Customizable with your own picture, sounds, URL, color etc for a small fee.


  • Free: Full functional, link to
  • Standard: No link displayed, one server installation
  • Enterprise: No link displayed, unlimited server installation
  • Customize: Unlimited server installation, your own background, logo, link, color of font, position of elements, size, choice of sounds, minutes for button (only change minutes, not add extra button)


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