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80017 Ventrian News Article Transfer
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SKU/EAN 80017
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Product Description

AllDnnSkins 80017 News Articles Transfer (Export/Import) module allow you to export the articles from one site to XML format. You can then import to another portal, or site.

Features Highlight


  • Filter Articles by Categories
  • Fitler Articles by Date Range
  • Filter Articles by Keywords
  • Export Comments
  • Export Ratings
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New Feature in Version 1.02.04

  • Modify a bug

New Feature in Version 1.02.03

  • Support DNN5.6.1 and it compatibility with NewsArticle,Anoncemet,Blog
  • Optimized the module loading speed, and it costs time about 50% .
  • Optimized speed of article export, it saves time about 63.2%.
  • Optimized redirect time within modules, and it saves time about 33%.
  • The upper limit won’t be a problem any more when you export articles.(It won’t limit no longer, and in order to save your brandwidth, and now it depends on your server property.)
  • We designed a new port for that module, and we’ll consider making it support other kinds of article modules

New Feature in Version 1.02.02

  • Modified the time out problem when import/export data is too large

New Feature in Version 1.01.05

  • Add support for latest Ventrian News Articles 00.07.31 (Feb, 2009) Can only create top level categories
  • Tested under DNN 4.9.2 and DNN 5.0.1

New Feature in Version 1.01.04

  • Import News to 80054 AllDNN Simple News

New Feature in Version 1.01.01

  • Add support for the latest Ventrian News Article 0.07.05

New Feature in Version 1.01.00

  • Export DNN Core Annoncements, so that you can import to Ventrian News Article

New Feature in Version 1.00.04

  • New version for Ventrian News Articles Module 0.06.04 and up (articles can be import/export to different version of news article modules, depend on news article module, you may need to choose use different Import/Export module
  • This version include both 1.00.03 PA and 1.00.04 PA.

New Feature in Version 1.00.03

  • Export DNN Core Blogs and Import to Ventrian News Articles Module
  • Select User's Blog, regular user can only Export/Backup his own Blog

New Feature in Version 1.00.02

  • Exporting articles by Users
  • Admin/Host can export anyone's articles, Normal user can only export his/her articles
  • New Import Option to create category if it is not exist in the new target module
  • New Import Option to recalculate the view counts, enter 0 to reset all view counts to 0, enter 1 to copy the actual view counts, enter a “X” will make the view counts = view counts * X times. (a faked number)
  • New Import Option to choose if you want allow the imported articles to be imported again.

New Feature in Version 1.00.00

  • Export to or Import from different version of News Articles
  • Export All news articles from one module to XML.
  • Auto popup news article module within current portal
  • Categories are saved, if Category does not exist in new module, it will be automatically created
  • Author is saved. If the user is exist in the new portal, the article will be belong to this user. If the user does not exist, it will be set to Import user's article
  • All Pages are exported and can be imported
  • Creation date, Start date, End date are exported
  • View Counts are exported
  • IsFeatured, IsApproved, IsSecured, IsNewWindow are exported

Module installation and configuration

News Article Export:

Blog Export:

Announcement Export:

The page after you clicked the export button:

If you modified the FriendlyName, then you need to assign for FriendlyName here.

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