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80026 Country Redirect
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Item Number 80026
SKU/EAN 80026
Price $39.00

Product Description

80026 Country Redirect is a very practical tool module, it has become essentials for your website, and now it supports 7 redirect methods according to set the different redirect condition.

Features Highlight

Country Redirect

  • You can set it to redirect by Country, IP, Time, Date, Role, User,Mobile Platform.
  • It supports almost all mobile platforms. Like IPhone, IPad, ITouch, Android, Bada, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, PSP, NDSI.
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New Feature in Version 2.02.08

  • Fixed some bug

New Feature in Version 2.02.07

  • Redirect by PSP
  • Redirect by NDSL

New Feature in Version 2.02.06

  • It supports DNN 5.6.0
  • Added Redirect by IPhone,IPad, IPod touch
  • Added Redirect by Windows Mobiles, Android,Black Berry, Bada

Module Screenshots

1) Redirect by Country:

2) Redirect by IP:

3) Redirect by Time:

4) Redirect by Date:

5) Redirect by Role:

6) Redirect by User:

7) Redirect by Mobile Platform:

Choose the redirect condition you need, and then you’ll see management page as follow:

In addition, you can set it to redirect automatically or manually.
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