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80022 MiniClip Games
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Item Number 80022
SKU/EAN 80022
Price $29.00

Add one of the 40+ flash games to your website in a minute.


Version 1.02.01 Features:
  • Add category function (support parent category and child category)
  • Add category filter function
Version 1.01.03 Features:
  • New method to get games
  • Fix minor bugs
Version 1.01.02 Features:
  • New method to get games
  • DNN 5 Compatible
Version 1.01.01 Features:
  • Fix a minor error which is not working on some system
Version 1.01.00 Features:
  • Allow user to select the game they want to play
  • Option to show/hide the game selection
Version 1.00.00 Features:
  • Get all 40+ flash games automatcially
  • Option to manual add/modify/delete games
  • Set the game width/height


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