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80020 Reseller Module
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Item Number 80020
SKU/EAN 80020
Price $50.00

80020 Reseller module is a great tool for any web design company using DNN build website. It allows your user to select the skin they like before you purchase one from us. Your client will not see alldnnskins name.


27088_LiveDemo.gif (click the Country Flag to see different lanaguage)


  • Add Language Support, now you can display the skin category in any lanaguage
  • Easy Install: Install the PA and add the module to your page, configure the catalog module, you are ready to go.
  • Auto update. The skins category, description, images are automatically updated every 8 hours from our server.
  • Customer Inquiry Form: Add your own message, setup your own contact Email. When user send inquiry, it will send directly to you, not us.
  • Setup your own width, height of the thumbnail.
  • Setup how many images per row.
  • Choose only the skins category you want your customer to see.
  • Choose to show the inquiry form or not
  • Category, Description form allow you to send us suggestion in the admin mode.

Screen Shot:

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