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80016 Admin Pages
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Item Number 80016
SKU/EAN 80016
Price $25.00


Have you created a page called “DoNotDelete“ or “Admin Function“ but do not know where to put the page? Now AllDnnSkins 80016 Admin Page module is the solution. Our module allows you to move any Page under “Admin“, what is the advantage to have it:


  • Protect the Modules in the Page, modules can not be deleted or added once the page is under Admin menu.
  • No more red box “administrator view only“
  • Easy to Find, administrator functions should be put under the right place, not a hidden place.
  • If you ever need change it, you can move it back as normal page, make the changes, and move to Admin Page again
  • You can even move the un-used admin pages from admin menu (for example: move Vendors, Lanaguage, News Letter, Site Wizard, Authentication etc. if your site admin do not need those functions)
  • Always Free lifetime upgrade on AllDnnSkins Modules (buy earlier when the price is low for the earlier version)


80016 Admin Page Module


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