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80015 Combo Login
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Item Number 80015
SKU/EAN 80015
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Product Description

AllDnnSkins 80015 Combo Login is a simple solution for many websites thouse want to collect payment for different level of membership. In addition, it provides combine register and login into one module, which makes the interface more friendly compared to standard DNN register/login processing.

Features Highlight


  • Show/Hide Registration Function
  • Show Profile Fields during the registration (4.5.0+)
  • Force Required Profile Fields during the registration (4.5.0+)
  • Option to require versification code (5.1.0+)
  • Require User accept Terms before registration (4.0.0+)
  • Localization support
  • Allow subscribe to pre-defined Membership during the registration (3.0.0+)
  • Redirect to different pages depends on Role Selected (2.0.0+)
  • Collect Payment if the Membership (role) is not free during the registration
  • Can replace standard DNN Registration
  • Hide Username (define username creatation format, 4.5.0+)
  • Hide Displayname (define displayname creation format, 3.0.0+)


  • Show/Hide Login Function
  • Allow Email/Password login
  • Password reminder using Username or Email
  • Redirect to different pages depends on Membership (2.0.0+)
  • Can replace standard DNN Login


  • Allow user to upgrade Membership and collect Payment
  • Allow to use Coupon
  • Allow coupon for specific user (5.1.0+)
  • Allow user to cancel Membership
  • Automatically recurring payment
  • Payment of Trial Periods
  • Support Eway (5.1.0+)
  • Support WorldPay (4.5.1+)
  • Support Paypal (16 Currency), Paypal Pro (6 Currency) or (4.00.01+)
  • Support Paypal Subscription for recurring payment (3.05.00+)
  • Support Paypal New Website Payment Standard account created after 10/15/2009 (5.02.00+)
  • Support Paypal Pro recurring payment with Credit Card (3.06.00+)
  • Support Authorize.Net for recurring payment (4.00.00+)
  • Support Currency Exchange using Credit Card for non-supported Currency
  • Sandbox let you test your setting before it go live

Admin Function and Report:

  • Admin can suspend or resume Membership
  • Complete Payment History and Payment Detail for individual (4.00.00+)
  • Payment History of all subscribers report for Admin/Host (4.00.00+)
  • Import Existing Membership information (4.00.01+)
  • Export membership data (4.2.0+)
  • Email notifications for Membership signup, cancelation, etc.
  • Language Editor (4.4.1+ works in DNN 4.x only)
Live Demo (Version 5.4.2):Support Paypal New Website Payment Standard account created after 03/29/2011
Live Demo (Version 5.1.0): Play with it using testing account. See demo of entering Gender, Birthday, Driver License during the registration in multi-language.
Live Site using 5.0.0, Join our Sins Member(1000+ Skins) for as low as $10, Modules Member (55+ Modules) for as low as $10, Packs Member (50+ Packs) for as low as $10, or VIP Membership (all above) for as low as $16/month.
Flash Demo for Register with Subscription (3.6.0)
Flash Demo for Setup New Subscriptiion Plan with Role Redirection (3.6.0)

New Feature in Version 5.5.0

  • Modified a bug, and now for the PayPal credit card payment method, it supports payment before register .

New Feature in Version 5.4.3

  • Compatible with latest version of DNN

New Feature in Version 5.4.2

  • Add an Enable DropDownList for Subscription option in the module sttings, you can display your subscriptions in a dropdown list in the front end by checking that option.

New Feature in Version 5.04.00

  • Modified a minor bug(renew couldn't be updated in
  • Add a template for each role so that different role can receive different email
  • When you register a role, you can choose a different telplate

New Feature in Version 5.03.07

  • Optimize the interface
  • Modified some bugs
  • Add a trial function with 7 days
  • Add PayPal cancel function
  • Add a rule, it allows user to add more roles when he/she subscribes a role
  • Modified the Eway payment method, it could check subscription situation at regular time

New Feature in Version 5.2.0

  • Support Paypal New Website Payment Standard account created after 10/15/2009

New Feature in Version 5.1.0

  • Tested under DNN 5.1.0
  • Option to Send Verification Code when register
  • Option to set Expiration date for specific Roles
  • Allow change display order of the Roles
  • Add Eway as addtional payment method
  • Allow Add Coupon for Roles, and Add Coupon for Users
  • Add Coupon code Search option in Payment History
  • More features in Import Old Subscription
  • For Worldpay and PaypalCard, when un-subscribe, it will stop recurring payment
  • Admin can change the Payment amount if use “Worldpay“

New Feature in Version 5.0.0

  • Rewrite Payment history program
  • Fix some minor bugs related to Profile
  • Option to show/hide confirmation box for payment
  • Option to show/hide payments total page
  • Option to send confirmation email when using to collect payment
  • Option to customize From email address

New Feature in Version 4.00.08

  • Add support for Membership upgrade
  • User can only upgrade to higher priced plan
  • Plan must have the same billing period
  • Upgrade will be immediatly effective, but payment will be charged on the next billing cycle
  • Currently only Paypal or supported, paypal pro member upgrade feature is not available yet

New Feature in Version 3.06.00

  • Add Currency selection (USD, AUD, CAD, EUR, UKP, JPY)
  • Add Coupon Management
  • Add Show Term Features

Module Screenshots New Feature in 5.4.2

Add an Enable DropDownList for Subscription option in the module sttings, you can display your subscriptions in a dropdown list in the front end by checking that option.

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