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80012 Page Option and Social Bookmark
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Item Number 80012
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Product Description

A must have page option, page link module. Set as Home, Add to Favorite, Print it, Email to a friend, Contact US and many popular social bookmark features all included.

Features Highlight


  • Print this Page
  • Add to favorite
  • Email this Page
  • Contact Us
  • Set as Home
  • Report Spam/Abuse
  • Add New Mark
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Features in 2.00.00

  • Added user define function, you can add any bookmark you want
  • Icon free change, you can upload any images to be your icon

Features in 1.02.00

  • Change from “Page Name“ to “Page Title“ when adding to Social Bookmark Sites (important update)
  • Add 10+ more popular social bookmark sites (as always, you can add your own bookmark site using our Edit function)
  • Modified the URL links used for “Contact US“,“Send to Friend“,“Report Spams“

Features in 1.01.07

  • Change Self-Defined Bookmark Link to support UniCode (You can now add your own Chinese, Japanese, Korean bookmark sites)

Features in 1.01.06

  • Compatible with multiple Userfriendly URL (Human Friendly, or third party SEO friendly URL)
  • Fix the link error in Email with special characters in URL

Features in 1.01.04

  • Change the URL format of the Page to standard DNN format, use / to replace ?
  • Tested under DNN 5

Features in 1.01.03

  • Add the sorting orders for social bookmarks
  • Changed the From Email address to Site Admin

Features in 1.01.02

  • Add localization support

Features in 1.01.01

  • Module passed w3c validation

Features in 1.01.00

  • Add new popup display style, now it will use very little space, and when mouse over, it will popup the options.

Features in 1.00.05

  • Changes the order of the social bookmarks to display
  • Allow you to add new social bookmark links
  • Fix errors on contact us Email

Features in 1.00.01

  • Now you can specify the CSS class for the link
  • Fix the error for some sites who has a prefix in database table

Features in 1.00.00

  • Enable your visitors to set a public bookmark for your site by mouse-click
  • Increase of recurring visitors
  • Increase of traffic to your site by bookmark sharing
  • Increase of the link popularity for your site
  • Print Function
  • Set as Home Function
  • Add to Favorites Functions
  • Contact US
  • Email to a friends Function (Email this Page)
  • Report Spam/Abuse Function
  • 11 Most popular Social Bookmarks (Can be add/delete)
  • Vertial / Horizontal display
  • Show Icon only, Show Text only or show both
  • Every option can be set to display or not
  • Manage your social bookmark link yourself

Module screenshots

a)After the right installation, and added to the page you want, and then you’ll see interface below:

b)Print this Page

c)Add to favorite

d)Email this Page

e)Contact Us

f)Set as home

g)Report Spam/Abuse

h)Add New Mark

i)And then you’ll see information below on the Edit page:

j)User can edit, delete or change order for the existing marks on this page.
At the same time and user can also click the Add button to add a new mark, see picture below:

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