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80042 Site Tracking
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We know if you want to keep your DNN site loading fast. You need a service called Keep alive to keep the site running without being unload from the memory. There are thrid party services and windows services (or applications) doing this. But there is no real DNN module does it. Here comes our Site Track DNN module, it will running on any DNN site and can keep your own site and other sites running without paying extra service fee.

Version 1.00.06 Features:

  • Support DNN5.4.x now
  • Fixed Retain Log Number bug

Version 1.00.02 Features:

  • Add as many sites as you want
  • Running as a DNN scheduled program
  • Can check the site itself
  • Check every 5, 10, 15... minutes
  • Keep log history
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, statitiscs
  • Email for site down or up

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