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80047 J-Accordion (Skinable Side Menu with skin object)
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Item Number 80047
SKU/EAN 80047
Price $60.00

Product Description

One of the most advanced side menu for DNN. Skinnable, Support Localization, can combine with any existing menu or skins.

Features Highlight


  • Easy to configure and use
  • With 7 default skins, or you can upload your skin to display
  • 3 animation, it looks cool if you choose any of them
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New Feature in Version 3.01.03

  • Added whether to guide function for the menu

New Feature in Version 3.01.01

  • Added whether to guide function for the menu

New Feature in Version 3.00.00

  • Free ALLDNN Menulocalization 2.0
  • Option to setup a redirect Page if selected lanaguage is not visible in certain lanaguage
  • Option to setup a redirect page if not authorized to view the page/li>
  • Chinese Menu Setting (Chinese Page visible, English Page not visible, will redirect to Chinese Page)
  • English Menu Setting (Chinese Page not visible, will redirect to English Page)

New Feature in Version 2.00.06

  • Compatible with Ventrian Simple Gallery and Property Agent
  • Add JAccordion Skin Object for DNN 4 and 5 in the package

New Feature in Version 2.00.05

  • Compatible with DNN 5
  • Can also be used as a SkinObject

New Feature in Version 2.00.03

  • Add display options, Level or Page
  • Root Level: display full DNN menu, Level 1: display Sub menu for the main menu, Level 2: display sub-sub menu for the main menu
  • Page: Display selected page's child menu

New Feature in Version 2.00.01

  • Can specify the width of the skin
  • Display a theme preview then selecting skins

New Feature in Version 2.00.00

  • Support J-Accordion Skin upload

New Feature in Version 1.00.06

  • Support Skin Preview and can set Menu Width
  • Upload J-Accordion Skins
  • Skinnable styles can be added to the menu, which makes it with unlimited styles.
  • Mouseover or Click to expand
  • Sliding or Bouncing effect
  • Display Root Menu or sub menu of any menus
  • Comes with 8 predefined skins, more can be downloaded or purchased
  • Support AllDNN Localization

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