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80046 Simple Job Lister
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Item Number 80046
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80046 Job Lister is a very simple to use Job Listing tools for any website or company
want to add a job listing board for your site visitors


Features 2.02.00

  • Fix a minor error

Features 2.01.03

  • Add job search function, it could search by date
  • Add Agreement, it needs to check when apply for a job
  • Opmized module interface and user experience

Features 2.00.01

  • Add JobType
  • Add State and City field and modify their Mode(form text to dropdownlist)

Features 1.00.06

  • Fix Error the job poster can not edit the job
  • Use Template to display the job list, define your own style and CSS for the job lister
  • Auto Fill Name and Email if it is registered user

Features 1.00.05

  • Fix the Error of Job_Latest

Features 1.00.04

  • Multi companies (assigned Role) can post jobs
  • Each company see their own Candidates
  • Candidates Applications email send to Poster's Email address
  • Add a latest Dashboard type module for displaying the latest Jobs from different companies in the home page
  • Tempalte driven JobLastest (dashboard) module

Features 1.00.00:

  • Localizable to any language
  • Allow apply online
  • Require Name and Email
  • Optional to display Phone, and comments
  • Optional to allow or force a resume upload
  • Email notification when someone apply
  • Option to add the candidate to DNN user
  • Option to add the candidate to selected DNN role
  • Admin can view the candidate information online and download the resume
  • Admin can update the candidate status
  • Admin can write internal note for each candidate
  • Tested under DNN 4.8+ and DNN 5.0 RC2

1. Admin Setup the job (not updated, shown 1.00.00)

Add the module to a page.

Click "Add New" to add a new job

Fill in the information and click "Update"


2. Visitor apply for the job

Click the Job Title to see the detail

Click Apply Now

Fill in the required information, and click "Submit"

3. Admin Review the candidates

Click Manage Candidates

Click "" to see the detail

Admin can click "Download" or click the file name "21.txt" in detail page to download the resume, Admin can select the status and add some internal notes, click update to save the changes