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80039 Advanced SQL Based Newsletter
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Item Number 80039
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Version 2.00.00 Features:

  • Control how many emails will be sent per day, perfect for a shared hosting environment

Version 1.00.02 Features:

  • Option to send to all users in All, Active or Expired roles.
  • Support DNN standard tokens like: [Portal:URL], [User:LastName], [User:FirstName], [User:DisplayName] etc.

Version 1.00.00 Features:

  • Ansychronized Email
  • Selection of Roles and addtional Emails 
  • Define your own data source from any SQL Query
  • Define your own newsletter template with TOKEN replacing
  • Allow you to define your own operator to send (not only Admin can see it)
  • Modify the content before you send
  • Table/View Lister help you choose the tables
  • SQL Tester when design your query
  • Sample usage: Latest News, Latest Property Listing, Latest Job Openings, Best Selling products etc. 
  • AllDNN Life time free upgrade

Screen Shot (Define your own SQL data for automatically generated Newsletter)

Screen Shot (Sender's screen let you choose what kind of members you want the newsletter sent to)


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