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80041 X-Menu Enterprise for DNN 5/6
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Item Number 80041
SKU/EAN 80041
Price $80.00

Product Description

A brand new solution and enhancement to current DNN Menu system. Do you want a top navigation with Contact US, About Us, Login, etc. Do you need a footer navigation with all the important and quick links to your most important products or services? Do you want a side menu with sub-menu which is not in your main menu? With Xmenu your skin can have multiple menu like Joomla or other CMS system.

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Features in 1.00.07

  • Support DNN6.1.1 and lower
  • Used as Module (XNav Module)
  • Fix minor CSS errors
  • Include XMenu 1.0.5, XNav Skin Object 1.01.01, XNav Module 1.00.06

Features in 1.00.06

  • Compatible with DNN 5,DNN 6
  • Used as Module (XNav Module)
  • Fix minor CSS errors
  • Include XMenu 1.0.2, XNav Skin Object 1.0.6, XNav Module 1.0.1

Features in 1.00.02

  • A skinobject defined in every page compare to a module need placed with un-used container
  • The style is defined by Skins which match your whole skin design, as a site admin or programmer, you do not need worry about the style anymore.
  • Menu link is flexible, can link to internal page, or outside URL, or even a file download.
  • Menu link can be opened in new window compare to DNN menu not
  • Works like a skin, when another skin selected, if the name of the SkinObject is the same, all the style changed without needing to change anything.
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