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80019 Ventrian Property Agent Import&Export
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Item Number 80019
SKU/EAN 80019
Price $40.00

Product Description

This is an essential module for Ventrain Property Agent IE, and it could help you to import and export from Ventrian Property Agent module.

Features Highlight

Ventrain Property Agent

  • It could export data as xml file from Ventrain Property Agent module Notice:This Ventrain Property Agent IE module will export the image name to an xml from Ventrain Property Agent module.
  • It will import the data as an xml file to Ventrain Property Agent module. Notice: If there is an image included in that xml file, it will import the image name only. If you want that image work properly, you need to download that image from that website below: Portals/0/PropertyAgent/MoudleId/ Please create Images file, and then put the image into the corresponding file.
  • Rename Import the XML method to rename the image.
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New Feature in Version 1.7.75

  • Optimized the version 1.7.74
  • Friendlier for user, we added rename image function
  • Optimized the interface

New Feature in Version 1.7.74

  • It supports DNN5.5.0
  • It supports Property Agent 1.7.74

New Feature in Version 1.7.62

  • Compatible with Property Agent up to 1.07.62
  • Export & Import Comments, Ratings
  • Include Expiring Date, Rating Count, Comment Count
  • Tested under 4.9.5 and 5.2.2

New Feature in Version 1.7.28

  • Compatible with Property Agent up to 1.07.28
  • Export & Import Comments, Ratings
  • Include Expiring Date, Rating Count, Comment Count
  • Tested under 4.9.2 and 5.0.1

New Feature in Version 1.07.13

  • Now Compatible with Property Agent 1.07.13 version
  • Property Photes are exported and can be imported
  • Please upgrade to Latest property Agent module, older version of property agent might not fully supported
  • You can also use it as a filters for your Data. For example:
    if the property type in the new Property Agent module, only the propertytype exists will be imported.
    if the custom field in the new property agent module does not exist, only the data in the Fields that exists will be imported

New Feature in Version 1.07.07

  • Now compatible with the new released Property Agent 1.07.05 Version
  • PA include 1.07.07, please purchase 80019 1.07.05 and 1.7.7 together, you will get 1.7.7 for free.
  • Add support for import with Data has Spanish Date format
  • Ventrian Property Agent module is not included, please get your own Ventrian subscription yourself.

New Feature in Version 1.07.05

  • Now Compatible with the new released Property Agent 1.07.05 Version
  • PA include 1.00.00 + 1.01.00 + 1.07.05

New Feature in Version 1.01.00

  • Fixing a bug of Author Name
  • Now compatible with the newly released Propety Agent 1.07.00 Version

New Feature in Version 1.00.00

  • Export/Import Properties for Backup & Restore
  • Select the Property Agent module from Dropdown list
  • Export to XML, includes the property type and all custom values
  • Export Authors, Create Date, Modified Date, Expiring Date
  • Life time Free upgrade
  • Works for different version Property Agent module, tested under the latest 01.06.02
  • Ventrian Property Agent module is not included, greate for Real Estate, Auto Sales, Classifields listing

Module Screenshots

Installation Introduction

Export Property

Choose the Property Agent from that dropdown list, and thenclick Export icon to export

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