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80030 Blog Groups
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AllDnnSkins 80030 Blog Group let you summarize all blog articles related to your topic into one place. The new version 1.0.9 allows you to provide RSS of the articles from the summarized articles. A great feature is auto approval, with that, you do not need spend any time to manage it. We've also used the module in our home page

New Features in Version 1.00.09

  • Add RSS feeder for the summarized articles from your site
  • Add Template to display summary in your site
  • Option to link to the original site

New Features in Version 1.00.03

  • Compatible for DNN 5
  • Improved Cache method

New Features in Version 1.00.02

  • Module Passed W3C validation
  • Auto Approval
  • Unauthorized user can submit RSS URL

New Features in Version 1.00.00

  • Display latested Blogs from different Blog feeder in one place
  • New submission notification
  • Specify max articles to display
  • Specify articles per page
  • Specify max articles per feeder
  • Specify how often to retrieve new blogs
  • Template for display flexiblity

Screen Shot 1: Blog Group Demo at


Screen Shot 2: Module Settings



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