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80027 Visitor Counter
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Item Number 80027
SKU/EAN 80027
Price $39.00


Features in Version 1.1.0


  •  Display the track number when user login.
  • You can choose the track method from cookie, session, ip, and refresh.
  • Easy to change the display message by Template and Counter Style.



    • Free version: Limited functions and a link to our site
    • Standard: One server installation
    • Enterprise Edition: Unlimited server installation
    • Free lifetime upgrade


Alldnnskins 80027 Visitor Counter

A simple but powerful module, so flexible to configue.Alldnnmodule Visitor Countor can be used to track the number of visitors to each page on your site. You can get much fun by changing the Template and Counter Style. The Visitor Counter can track the number of visitor by cookie, session, ip, and refresh.








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