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80008 Web Clip Module
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Item Number 80008
SKU/EAN 80008
Price $20.00

Web Clip Module is like WebClip Function in Gmail, it takes up very little space and display news randomly from multiple RSS Feeders



Version 2.00.03 Features

  • Module Pass W3C Validation
  • Ajax Enabled

Version 2.00.02 Features

  • Add Cache control, now the feeder can be cached on the server to minimize network traffic
  • Add Template Manager, allow you to control which field to display
  • Complete re-write the view interface

Version 1.00.00 Features

  • Basic Function, display 1 news at a time from multiple RSS news feeder
  • Control how many rows from each feeder you want to display


  • Standard: one DNN server installation
  • Enterprise: unlimited DNN Servers installation
  • Upgrade: All AllDnnSkins Modules offer free life time upgrade

Web Clip Screen Shot

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Feeder Manager Screen

Feeder Manager Screen

Manager a RSS Feeder

Add a RSS Feeder

Template Manager

Template Manager

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