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63002 DNN Website conversion
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Item Number 63002
Price $199.00
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Convert your HTML, ASP, JSP, PHP website into DNN Website
We can provide skinning work according to your existing design. (It's free skinning service with one skin and two containers only.)
We will do complete conversion work including pages, content and images.
This service includes the work of migrating 10 static html pages or 8 hours of migration work.
We can provide fast turn-around job and finish the entire project within 2-3 business days after we finalize the project.
For migrating additional pages, our rate is $7/hour. But remember that the third party module isn't included in this service. We can give you quotation before we start the project.
We can do these things when starting a website:
1. Always try to work with latest version of DNN.
2. Fill in the copyright of the site. Put the name of the company.
3. When starting the site we make maps in the root to place pictures (a. Logos b.Pictures (if necessary make submenu’s) c.Documents (this is for pef’s, pps, …) Avoid placing something in the root).
4. Name of the splash page is always the company name.
5. Logo of the company in the URL if this is possible.
6. If a picture is linked there shouldn’t appear a bold line around the image.
7. Title of pages should be filled in as well as the words (this is also for SEO).
8. Site checked is checked in IE (7 to 8), Firefox3.
9. Everything is readable in the backend (watch out with color on color).
10. Is the date notification well installed for the server where it will work on (mm/dd/year).