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11453.02 Woman Fashion/Hail & Make-up DNN5/6/7.x
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Price $59.99



  • This skin requires you have DDR Menu Skin Object, which is packed together with it FOR FREE and friendly for SEO.
  • This skin requires you have Alldnn.SkinControlPane Skin Object, which is packed together with it FOR FREE. With 
    Alldnn.SkinControlPane, you can change the width of skin, font size and add some custom CSS code conveniently.
  • Great for beauty salons, fancy, cosmetic & luxury goods for women, such as clothing, jewelry,  perfume, presents, gifts, toiletries, etc
  • Horizontal menu. Expandable vertically with fixed width.
  • 10 panes structures, 3 matching containers included.
  • Compatible with DNN5.x, DNN6.x, DNN7.x.

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